, Volume 279, Issue 3, pp 255-257

A suggested source of element 126

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The isolation of macro amounts of pure element 126, whose observation has recently been reported, has important consequences for the discovery of elements from atomic number ∼ 106 to 126 and their chemical, atomic and nuclear properties. It is suggested that the organic extractant commercially used to purify Ce from the rare earth mineral, bastnasite, should be used to concentrate element 126. This extractant which is recycled in the treatment of large amounts of the appropriate ore, is usually effective in the concentration of244Pu which should be chemically similar to element 126.

Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Awardee, 1976.
It is a pleasure to thank Prof. Otto Schult for his hospitality at Jülich and for a careful reading of this manuscript, and Dr. Hellmut Hanle of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his part in making possible this research.