, Volume 162, Issue 1, pp 12-19

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The effect of Cr (VI) on different inbred lines ofZea mays

I. Nuclei and cell cycle in the root tip tissue
  • M. G. CorradiAffiliated withInstitute of Botany, University of Parma
  • , M. LeviAffiliated withDepartment of Biology, University of Milano
  • , R. MusettiAffiliated withInstitute of Botany, University of Parma
  • , M. A. FavaliAffiliated withInstitute of Botany, University of Parma

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Four inbred lines ofZea mays (33.16, B 68, N 7B, B 77) were grown in nutrient solution to which K2Cr2O7 was added to give final concentration of 5 mg/l Cr (VI). The most evident differences in metal tolerance were observed between the B 68 and 33.16 line: in fact, even though the level of Cr (VI) was almost the same in the root tissues of both lines after 6 d of treatment, in the B 68 line, Cr induced marked alterations of nuclear structure and a progressive arrest of the cell cycle in G 1. In the 33.16 line, on the contrary, the integrity of the nuclei was well preserved and the progression of the cell cycle was only barely affected.


Zea mays Chromium Roots Cell cycle