, Volume 140, Issue 10, pp 1841-1847

Complete genomic RNA sequences of cucumber mosaic virus strain NT9 from Taiwan

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The nucleotide sequences of the RNAs 1, 2, and 3 of the cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) Taiwan isolate NT9 were determined and compared at both the nucleotide and amino acid levels with those of CMV strains Fny, Y, O from subgroup I and strain Q from subgroup II. NT9-CMV has an unique feature at the C-terminus of the 3a protein which contains four extra-amino acids. All three RNAs and their encoded proteins, except 2b, of NT9-CMV share more than 90% identity with those of strains in subgroup I, and 72%–85% identity with Q-CMV. The results indicated the conservation of sequences of CMV derived from different geographical locations.

The nucleotide sequence data reported in this paper will appear in the GenBank nucleotide sequence databases with the following accession numbers D28778, D28779, and D28780.