, Volume 105, Issue 1, pp 29-41

Spectral sensitivities of jumping spider eyes

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Spectral sensitivities of the anterior lateral, posterior lateral and anterior median eyes of the jumping spider,Menemerus confusus Boes. et Str. have been studied by recording electroretinograms (ERGs) and receptor potentials. The anterior and posterior lateral eyes have a single type of visual cell with a maximum spectral sensitivity at about 535–540 nm. The anterior median eye has four types of visual cells with maximum sensitivities at about 360, 480–500, 520–540 and 580 nm, respectively. The ERGs recorded from the optic nerve side (posterior part of the retina) were affected greatly by long wave chromatic light and those on the corneal side (anterior part of the retina) by short wave chromatic light, suggesting that each receptor layer contains a different photopigment.