, Volume 250, Issue 5, pp 395-412

The decay of65Zn

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The branching ratios in the65Zn decay have been reinvestigated using several precision methods. The ratios of the γ-emission rate to the total decay rate and of the β+-emission rate to the total decay rate have been determined to be 0.5075±0.0010 and 0.0146±0.0002, respectively. A value of (244.0±0.2) d has been found for the half-life. All cited errors are estimated to correspond to a confidence level of 68%.

Many members of the radionuclides group of CBNM collaborated in these experiments. We would like to thank especially Messrs. Celen, Denecke and Grosse for very skillful measurements, Messrs. Reher and Zehner for source preparations, Messrs. Bortels and Reher for programming work and Mr. Mutterer for bremsstrahlufig calculations.