, Volume 165, Issue 1, pp 86–95

Ultrastructure of secondary plasmodesmata formation in regeneratingSolanum nigrum-protoplast cultures

  • J. Monzer

DOI: 10.1007/BF01322279

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Monzer, J. Protoplasma (1991) 165: 86. doi:10.1007/BF01322279


The formation of secondary plasmodesmata was analyzed inSolanum nigrum L. protoplast cultures. Half and continuous secondary plasmodesmata were present in dedifferentiated, regenerating cells. The observed precursor stages confirm a recent, novel explanation for the establishment of secondary plasmodesmata. It is proposed that secondary plasmodesmata are formed after a process of membrane and vesicle fusion, with unexpected similarities to the common model for primary plasmodesmata formation during cell division.


Cell dedifferentiation Plasmodesmata formation Protoplast culture Secondary cell contacts Solanum 

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  • J. Monzer
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  1. 1.Lehrstuhl für BotanikTechnische Universität München-WeihenstephanFreising 12Federal Republic of Germany
  2. 2.Botanisches Institut der Universität KielFederal Republic of Germany

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