, Volume 49, Issue 2-3, pp 175-186

Morphology, biochemical analysis and neuraminidase activity of rubella virus

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A simple and reproducible method for the production of purified rubella virus is described. Purified virus was subjected to morphological and chemical analysis. The virus particles were rather pleomorphic (60 nm diameter), sometimes with one or more peripheral protrusions. The viral surface, revealed by negative staining, was composed of spikes 6 nm long, featuring enlarged ends.

In SDS-urea-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, 4 major and 4 minor polypeptide bands were revealed. Total lipids and phospholipids were analysed on the same preparation. The viral particles were composed of RNA: 0.030 mg, and lipids: 0.245 mg, of which 0.169 mg were phospholipids for each mg of viral protein. Biologically, the purified virus preparation showed high infectivity, a high hemagglutination titre and a weak neuraminidase activity under defined conditions.

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