, Volume 119, Issue 1-2, pp 95-109

Characterization of BPV-like DNA in equine sarcoids

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The DNA from equine sarcoid samples from New York State and Switzerland was isolated and probed with bovine papillomavirus type 1 (BPV-1) to determine if BPV genomes were present. Twelve of 13 sarcoids from New York State and 17/20 sarcoids from Switzerland contained DNA that hybridized to the BPV-1 probe. Restriction enzyme analysis of the positive samples demonstrated restriction fragment profiles characteristic of BPV-1 in 22 sarcoids and restriction fragment profiles characteristic of bovine papillomavirus type 2 (BPV-2) in 7 sarcoids. In addition, three tissues histologically diagnosed as pyogranulomatous dermatitis, fibropapilloma, and fibrosarcoma contained BPV-like DNA. Tissues with BPV-1-like and BPV-2-like DNA contained an average of 285.7 (21 to 808) and 125.8 (2 to 762) BPV-like genomes per cell, respectively. Minor differences in the restriction fragment profiles of the BPV-like DNA and evidence for partial BPV-like genomes were found in some sarcoids. BPV-like DNA was not detected in lymphocyte DNA from sarcoid-affected horses. These results confirm previous observations and support the hypothesis that bovine papillomavirus, or a very similar virus, is linked to the cause of equine sarcoid.