, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 490-493

Pancreolauryl test

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The sensitivity and specificity of the pancreolauryl test was evaluated in comparison with the NBT-PABA test, the estimation of fecal chymotrypsin and fat, and the secretinpancreozymin test in 168 patients with and without pancreatic disease. The overall sensitivity rate was as follows: pancreolauryl test 90%, NBT-PABA test 86%, fecal chymotrypsin 66%. In patients with pancreatic steatorrhea the sensitivity of the pancreolauryl test was 100%, the NBT-PABA test 97%, and the fecal chymotrypsin estimation 92%. The specificity of these tests was: pancreolauryl test 97.6%, fecal chymotrypsin 87%, and NBT-PABA test 81.8%. The pancreolauryl test may be recommended as a noninvasive easy-to-perform tubeless pancreatic function test with a sufficiently high sensitivity and specificity.