, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 449-461

Pseudorandom generators for space-bounded computation

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Pseudorandom generators are constructed which convertO(SlogR) truly random bits toR bits that appear random to any algorithm that runs inSPACE(S). In particular, any randomized polynomial time algorithm that runs in spaceS can be simulated using onlyO(Slogn) random bits. An application of these generators is an explicit construction of universal traversal sequences (for arbitrary graphs) of lengthn O(logn).

The generators constructed are technically stronger than just appearing random to spacebounded machines, and have several other applications. In particular, applications are given for “deterministic amplification” (i.e. reducing the probability of error of randomized algorithms), as well as generalizations of it.

This work was done in the Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT, supported by NSF 865727-CCR and ARO DALL03-86-K-017