, Volume 36, Issue 5, pp 616-620

Long-term efficacy of oral cisapride in symptomatic upper gut dysmotility

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We conducted a 12-month trial of cisapride (10 mg three times a day) in 21 patients with gastric stasis due to clinically and manometrically diagnosed gastroparesis (N=9; seven due to diabetes) or chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (N=12). Radionuclide solid-liquid gastric emptying tests were performed at baseline and at the end of the 12-month period. Symptoms were assessed monthly by diary and every three months by the investigators; frequency and severity of symptoms were scored in a standardized manner. For the whole group of 21 patients, gastric emptying of both solids and liquids improved significantly after one year of cisapride (P<0.05). Among chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction patients, there was predominantly an improvement in gastric emptying of solids; in contrast, patients with gastroparesis had a greater improvement in liquid emptying. Total symptom score improved significantly in the gastroparesis group (median score: 8 at baseline vs 6 at one year,P<0.05) but not in the chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction patients (median score at baseline 10 vs 9 at one year). Similarly, body weight showed a trend towards improvement in the gastroparesis group. No significant side effects were noted. We conclude that during a 12-month open trial, cisapride was effective in improving gastric emptying in patients with gastric stasis and consistently improved symptoms in those with gastroparesis.