Time scale and freeze-out volume in the Xe + Cu reaction at 45 MeV/u

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Correlations between Intermediate Mass Fragments were measured for the reaction Xe + Cu atE/A= 45 MeV/u. The velocity correlation function for central 3-fold events, depleted at small values of the relative coordinate, as typical for fast decay processes, reflects the mutual Coulomb repulsion between the emitted fragments. From the comparisons between a significant number of experimental observables and the predictions of the Berlin Multifragmentation Model, it appears that the data are compatible with a simultaneous multifragment emission.

Communicated by C. Signorini
The authors would like to thank A. Bonasera, M. Di Toro, D.E. Gross and O. Schapiro for many interesting and stimulating discussions and for making their codes available and the MULTICS group for the collaboration in the measurements. Fruitful discussions with Wolfgang Trautmann and Adriano Gobbi are gratefully acknowledged. This work has been supported in part by funds of the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research.