, Volume 325, Issue 3, pp 357-362

Coulomb effects in low energy fission

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The structures in the total kinetic energy (TKE) distributions in cold fission of234U and236U are interpreted in terms of the Coulomb interaction energy (C) between fragments at the scission point. The maximal value ofC, C max, corresponding to the most compact scission configuration, is calculated for several mass fragmentations. It is shown that withQ being constant,C max increases if one increases the charge asymmetry for a given primary fragmentation. This condition produces oscillations with a period of approximately 5 amu ofC max as a function of the light fragment mass which are correlated with the observed oscillations of the maximal value of TKE. Moreover, the enhancement of the yields of the more asymmetric charge fragmentation for a given fragmentation is explained.

On leave from Departamento de Fisica, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Apt. 1301, Lima, Peru;
On leave from Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, D-7500 Karlsruhe, FRG
We would like to express our thanks to Prof. P. Armbruster and Dr. C. Signarbieux for fruitful discussions.