, Volume 133, Issue 1, pp 39–49

A cryptic cytostome is present inEuglena

  • B. Surek
  • M. Melkonian

DOI: 10.1007/BF01293186

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Surek, B. & Melkonian, M. Protoplasma (1986) 133: 39. doi:10.1007/BF01293186


A short cylindrical pocket arises as an infolding from the ventral surface of the reservoir near the canal in several species ofEuglena (E. mutabilis, E. gracilis strain T,E. spec.). The structure is linked to a band of microtubules which is shown to be identical to the ventral flagellar root of the euglenoid flagellar root system. An absolute configuration analysis of the flagellar root system inE. mutabilis and a comparison with the flagellar apparatus of colourlessEuglenophyceae and the bodonids (Kinetoplastida) reveals structural and positional homology between the reservoir pocket ofEuglena and the cytostome of these organisms and strongly supports the phylogenetic derivation of theEuglenophyceae from theKinetoplastida and the evolution of greenEuglenophyceae from phagotrophic colourless taxa. The functional significance of the cryptic cytostome ofEuglena is discussed in relation to the occurrence of intracellular endosymbiotic bacteria.


CytostomeEuglenaFlagellar apparatusPhylogeny

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  • B. Surek
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  • M. Melkonian
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