, Volume 130, Issue 2-3, pp 128-137

The reserve proteins in the cells of mature cotyledons ofLupinus albus var.Lucky

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The nuclear DNA content of cotyledonary cells of two lupin seeds (L1 and L2) with markedly different total protein content, were investigated by scanning cytophotometry. Both seeds had polyloid nuclei with DNA levels varying between 8 C and 64 C, the majority being either 16 C or 32 C. The highest DNA levels were found in the abaxial and central cotyledonary zones of both seeds; seed L2 had a higher ploidy level than L1. It is shown that the volume of condensed chromatin (chromocenters) increased proportionally with the DNA content of the nucleus. A comparison was made between the distribution of protein, previously determined byLe Gal andRey (1986) and the DNA throughout the cotyledon. The L2 seed, which has the highest total protein and the highest protein content per cell, also exhibited the greatest DNA content per cell. For both seeds, the r-value for association of DNA and protein content per cell was highly significant (0.98).