, Volume 90, Issue 1-2, pp 33-45

The zoospore ofOlpidium brassicae

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The ultrastructure of the zoospore ofOlpidium brassicae is described and compared with observations made of other zoospores of the uniflagellatePhycomycetes. The zoospore ofO. brassicae is characterized by an extensive, cone-shaped rhizoplast and a lack of a nuclear cap, as well as a side-body complex or a rumposome. Vacuoles which contain osmiophilic material are termed gamma-like particles. Three-dimensional reconstructions based on serial sectioning were made of the organelles in the region of the nucleus, showing that the zoospore ofO. brassicae contains one or at most two elaborately branched mitochondria. Microbodies have a high degree of interconnection and are in intimate association with the mitochondrion, lipid drops, and the nuclear envelope.