, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 33-38

The impact of some specific air pollutants on agricultural productivity

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Unplanned discharges of atmospheric pollutants influenced by intense industrialisation, the population explosion and urbanisation result in injury and damage. The intensity and nature of the damage is a function of the concentration of the pollutant and the duration of exposure (dose). This has immediate (acute) and long (chronic) effects on the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

Based on the properties of these pollutants, the resulting effects on the receptor may cause biochemical and physiological modifications at the cellular level as well as whole plant, animal and ecosystem alterations. These may cause significant changes in agricultural output.

Mr E.M. Shaibu—Imodagbe is Vice—Principal and a lecturer at the Samaru College of Agriculture, of Ahmadu Bello University. He holds a Master's degree in Pollution and Environmental Control from the University of Manchester, UK, and his research special interests are in pollution damage and environmental quality.