, Volume 125, Issue 1-4, pp 115-120

Applicability of a Au(50 at%) Ti(50 at%)-alloy for diffusion measurements in the Au-Ti system

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In connection with diffusion experiments in the Au-Ti system, a AuTi (50at%)-alloy sample has been prepared. Its homogeneity was characterized by metallography, EPMA and X-Ray phase analysis. Three phases were found: mainly TiAu (α.-, β-allotropic forms) together with Ti3Au and TiAu2.

Diffusion couples of Au-AuTi50-Ti were used to study formation and growth of the intermetallic phases TiAu4 and TiAu2 between Au and AuTi50 and Ti3Au between AuTi50 and Ti, respectively. At 800 °C parabolic layer growth was observed and the growth constants were determined.

Dedicated to Professor Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. Hubertus Nickel on the occasion of his 65th birthday