, Volume 74, Issue 3, pp 199-205

Increased iron (III) and total iron content in post mortem substantia nigra of parkinsonian brain

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Significant differences in the content of iron (III) and total iron were found in post mortem substantia nigra of Parkinson's disease. There was an increase of 176% in the levels of total iron and 255% of iron (III) in the substantia nigra of the parkinsonian patients compared to age matched controls. In the cortex (Brodmann area 21), hippocampus, putamen, and globus pallidus there was no significant difference in the levels of iron (III) and total iron. Thus the changes in total iron, iron (III) and the iron (II)/iron (III) ratio in the parkinsonian substantia nigra are likely to be involved in the pathophysiology and treatment of this disorder.