Design system for optimum contra-rotating propellers

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A new type of contrarotating propeller (CRP) system has been developed through the cooperative research work of five shipbuilding companies in Japan (Hitachi Zosen Corporation; Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; NKK Corporation; and Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.). This paper describes a design system for an optimum CRP, which is one of the numerous outcomes of this work. The optimum design system is composed of three theoretical programs: (1) the design program of the optimum CRP; (2) the steady lifting surface program of the CRP; (3) the unsteady lifting surface program of the CRP. These theoretical programs will be discussed in the first part of the paper, and the design system supported by these theoretical programs will then be verified by comparing calculated and experimental results.