, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 75-85

The incretin concept today

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1.|The insulinogenic factor of the gastrointestinal mucosa named“incretin” is only one part of the complex enteroinsular axis. — 2. Of the chemically defined gastrointestinal hormones GIP is the strongestincretin candidate. — 3. Because of the dual function of GIP as gastrone and insulinotropic substance several safeguards against GIP-mediated insulin hypoglycaemia exist. — 4. No pathological condition has yet been found which is causally related to hyper- or hyposecretion of GIP. However, an exaggerated GIP response (usually secondary to the disease) may participate in the pathogenesis of hyperinsulinaemia of patients with obesity and duodenal ulcer. — 5. The injection of GIP antibodies only partially abolishes theincretin effect. Therefore, GIP, although important, is not the onlyincretin.

Claude Bernard Lecture of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes 1978