, Volume 11, Issue 5-6, pp 183-188

Crystal structure of vanadocene (η5-C5H5)2V

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The crystal structure of vanadocene has been determined from counter data, and refined by full-matrix least-squares techniques. The crystals belong to the monoclinic space groupP21/n witha = 9.269(3),b = 8.020(3),c = 5.892(2) Å, β = 91.21(3)°, andD x = 1.37 gcm-3 for Z = 2. The finalR value for 583 observed reflections is 0.031. The vanadium atom resides on a crystallographic center of inversion. The cyclopentadienyl groups are statistically disordered 70–30%. The average vanadium-carbon (η5) bond distance is 2.26(2) Å.