Physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics of a dried salted meat product (Kaddid) in Morocco

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Samples of traditional Kaddid (a salted dried meat) were analysed for their microbiological and physicochemical characteristics. Microbiological determinations included the Standard Plate Count (SPC), total and faecal coliforms, enterococci, staphylococci,Salmonella, Clostridium, andPseudomonas, whereas physico-chemical properties were characterized by pH, aw, chlorides, total nitrogen (TN), non-protein nitrogen (NPN), total volatile nitrogen (TVN), fat content and the acid degree value (ADV). Results showed that the microbial profiles were high for all the micro-organisms studied. Staphylococci were the most abundant micro-organisms in the product, whereasSalmonella was not detected in any sample. Proteolytics and lipolytics were also present in high numbers. The physico-chemical characteristics showed high levels of the ADV, chlorides, NPN and the TVN, and low levels of the aw and humidity. The conditions established in Kaddid indicate that there is effective preservation against micro-organisms causing spoilage and/or which are hazardous. The physico-chemical characteristics may indicate a high level of lipolysis and a low level of proteolysis.