, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 27-36

On the nucleation ofθ′ and T1 on Al3Zr precipitates in Al-Li-Cu-Zr alloys

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Two quaternary Al-Li-Cu-Zr alloys have been investigated using electron microscopy. Ageing at 190° C resulted in the nucleation ofθ′ precipitates on the Al3Zr/matrix interface in addition to heterogeneous nucleation on matrix dislocations. In the majority of cases, the broad, coherent face of theθ′ plans ms in contact with the Al3Zr precipitates. Similar evidence showed that nucleation of T1 precipitates occurred on the Al3Zr, but to a lesser extent thanθ′. Solid-solid nucleation theory has been used to account for the Al3Zr acting as a nucleation substrate.