, Volume 26, Issue 19, pp 5189-5194

Adhesive power measurements of bonds between old and new concrete

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A simple procedure for measuring the adhesive bond of cement-bonded materials is introduced and tested with an old-new concrete bond. Cubic or cylindrical specimens with a notch and the interface in their middle are split under stable crack growth conditions. The load is recorded as a function of the crack opening displacement. From this curve, the maximum load (notch tensile stress) and the fracture energy (G F) can be determined. The course of the curve characterizes the mechanical behaviour of the material bond in the crack opening mode and is an important basis for a numerical treatment of interface problems. Different pre-treatments of the old concrete surface have an important influence on the adhesion of the material compound. Good adhesive properties have been measured after sand-blast treatment and poorer properties after a dispersion emulsion treatment.