, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp 183-191

Waves earlier than P3 are more informative in putative subcortical Dementias: A study with mapping and neuropsychological techniques

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Thirty subjects (normal controls, patients with putative subcortical dementia and non-demented patient controls) were studied using advanced neurophysiological (16 scalp-electrode positions, computer-assisted brain electrical activity mapping, auditory oddball paradigm) and neuropsychological techniques. Our study suggests that waves earlier than P3 (N1, P2 and N2) are all correlated with global measures of cognitive functions. They are, however, differentially correlated with specific measures of cognitive functions, N1 and P2 with mental speed and N2 with short-term memory. The abnormalities of these waves (earlier than P3) may be an electrophysiologic marker of dementia in patients with putative subcortical states.