, Volume 124, Issue 1, pp 1-5

The isolation ofCryptococcus neoformans from pigeon droppings and serotyping of naturally and clinically sourced isolates in China

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This is the first report on the isolation ofCryptococcus neoformans from pigeon droppings in China and their serotypes.C. neoformans colonies which produced brown colonies on caffeic acid-cornmeal agar were found in Twenty-five out of thirty-six samples of pigeon droppings. Fifty-one colonies randomly picked from the positive samples were identified asC. neoformans by a commercially available kit for carbon source assimilation test and Christensen's urea agar. Forty (78%) out of the 51 strains were serotyped as A and 11 (22%) as AD. At the same time, seventeen out of nineteen clinical isolates were serotyped as A and 2 as B. There are three findings in our results. One is that onlyC. neoformans var.neoformans strains could be isolated from pigeon droppings, although the varietygattii strains were found in the clinical isolates obtained in the same geographic site in China. The second is that serotype A strains were most frequently seen in natural and clinical materials in the southeast part of China, and serotype AD strains were isolated in pigeon droppings but not in clinical materials. The third is that the coexistence of serotype A and AD cells ofC. neoformans strains in same samples of pigeon droppings were observed.