, Volume 12, Issue 7, pp 525-530

Adsorption of two cellobiohydrolases fromTrichoderma reesei to Avicel: Evidence for “exo-exo” synergism and possible “loose complex” formation

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Pure cellobiohydrolases I and II (CBH I & II) fromTrichoderma reesei adsorb strongly (K=104M−1) onto micro-crystalline Avicel. Equilibration is slow (>40 min) and saturation levels determined from the adsorption isotherms are almost identical:107–110 nmoles enzyme/mg Avicel. In admixture synergistic effects are observed dependent on the ratio of the enzymes. These effects are maximal for non-saturating conditions (1–10 μM) and when the enzymes are added in two consecutive steps synergism of binding is only apparent for CBH I.