, Volume 51, Issue 1-2, pp 55-59

Spiral vortices between concentric cylinders

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Spiral vortices appearing in Couette-Taylor flows are studied by means of numerical simulation. Transition curves from Couette to spiral vortices for different radius ratios and wavenumbers have been calculated in order to test our technique. Critical Reynolds numbers, angular velocities and slopes of the spirals at the onset of the instability agree with previous results [1]. Non-linear solutions obtained by a pseudospectral collocation method are studied, and they show a weak net axial flow. In order to counteract this effect, which is absent in the usual experimental set-up, an axial pressure gradient has been included. This procedure has proved to be sufficient to make the axial flow negligible. The onset of a quasiperiodic flow for larger Reynolds numbers, corresponding to a secondary bifurcation is also presented.