, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp 929-935

Changes in plasma motilin concentration and gastrointestinal contractile activity in conscious dogs

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Simultaneous measurement of plasma motilin concentration and gastrointestinal contractile activity was made in 12 healthy dogs. Plasma motilin concentration was measured by radioimmunoassay and gastrointestinal contractile activity was monitored by means of chronically implanted force transducers. During the interdigestive state, it was found that the plasma motilin concentration increased in complete accordance with the cyclical interdigestive contractions of the stomach. Furthermore, plasma motilin concentration was lowered by the ingestion of food, and it remained low as long as the gastric motor activity was in the digestive pattern. Since, as reported previously, the interdigestive contractions can be induced by the exogenous administration of motilin, we concluded that (1) motilin is released at constant intervals during the interdigestive state, and this release is suppressed by the ingestion of food; (2) motilin induces the interdigestive contractions of the stomach and duodenum; and (3) motilin is an interdigestive hormone and is the only known polypeptide hormone of the gut whose release is not induced by a meal.

Parts of this work were presented at the International Symposium on GI Hormones and Pathology of the Digestive Systems in June 18–21, 1977, in Rome and at Round Table of the XXVII International Congress of Physiological Sciences in July 18–23, 1977, in Paris.