, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 655-663

Chromosome mapping ofSoa, a gene influencing gustatory sensitivity to sucrose octaacetate in mice

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Strain distribution patterns among recombinant inbred strains suggested that a locus influencing taste sensitivity to sucrose octaacetate was on chromosome 6. A location forSoa was established by linkage analysis of behavioral and electrophoretic data from outbred and congenic strains and from test-cross progeny. Haplotyping of 41 outbred CFW-Cr animals with a cDNA probe showed perfect cosegregation ofSoa andPrp, a gene for salivary proline-rich proteins. Five of twelve B6. SW-Soa a strains were found to retainLdr-1, lactate dehydrogenase regulator-1, on chromosome 6 as an allelic passenger from the SWR/J donor strain (source of theSoa a Taster allele). Centimorgan distance was estimated using the ABP/Le linkage-testing strain (non-Taster,Soa b) and the SWR/J strain (Taster,Soa a) in a testcross breeding system. The data are consistent with a position for theSoa locus on mouse chromosome 6, 62 cM from the centromere.

This research was supported in part by Grants DC00150 (G. W.) and DE003658 (E.A.A.). This paper is based on a thesis submitted to the Florida State University by the first author in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Sciences degree.