, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 287-295

Responses of male mice to odors of females: Effects of T- and H-2-locus genotype

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Male wild house mice (Mus musculus) were given a choice of odors of females whose T-locus genotype was +/ + or +/t. Males showed strong preferences for the odors of +/ + females. However, when males were tested with odors of recombinant females whose genotype differed at the T locus but which carried similar haplotypes at the H-2 locus, the preference for odors of +/+ females was not manifested. Consequently, differences in female odor production that are responsible for male odor preference are not due specifically to the female genotype at the T locus.

This work was partially supported by NIH Grant HD R01 1997 and a BRSG Grant from Rutgers University.