, Volume 54, Issue 2, pp 199-230

A note on the proof theory the λII-calculus

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The λII-calculus, a theory of first-order dependent function types in Curry-Howard-de Bruijn correspondence with a fragment of minimal first-order logic, is defined as a system of (linearized) natural deduction. In this paper, we present a Gentzen-style sequent calculus for the λII-calculus and prove the cut-elimination theorem.

The cut-elimination result builds upon the existence of normal forms for the natural deduction system and can be considered to be analogous to a proof provided by Prawitz for first-order logic. The type-theoretic setting considered here elegantly illustrates the distinction between the processes of normalization in a natural deduction system and cut-elimination in a Gentzen-style sequent calculus.

We consider an application of the cut-free calculus, via the subformula property, to proof-search in the λII-calculus. For this application, the normalization result for the natural deduction calculus alone is inadequate, a (cut-free) calculus with the subformula property being required.

This paper was written whilst the author was affiliated to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. and revised for publication whilst he was affiliated to the University of Birmingham, England, U.K.
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