, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 375-394

Validity and reliability of the infant Behavioral Summarized Evaluation (IBSE): A rating scale for the assessment of young children with autism and developmental disorders

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The Infant Behavioral Summarized Evaluation (IBSE) is a rating scale adapted from the Behavioral Summarized Evaluation (BSE) and specifically related to the assessment of behaviors of young children having autistic disorders. Content validity and reliability studies described in the paper were made from behavior ratings of videotapes for 89 children aged from 6 to 48 months. Results show a significant group of 19 items including some characteristic early autistic behaviors (communicative and social abnormalities) and some that are less commonly described in the syndrome (attentional, perceptive, and adaptive disorders). The value of the use of this scale for clinicians and professionals involved in behavioral evaluations and treatment of young children with developmental disorders and the necessity for further psychometric investigations are discussed.

This study was supported by INSERM U.316 “Nervous System from the Foetus to the Child. Development, Circulation, Metabolism,” L. Pourcelot, INSERM, Network INSERM No. 489001, Grant INSERM No. 911182 (D. Savrage) No. 911008 (L. Hameury) MRT. No. 9906 Fondation Langlois. Gratitude is expressed to Professor G. Lelord who initiated and supervised this study. The authors thank Professor J. Fermanian, Department of Biostatistics, CHU Necker, Paris, for his helpful suggestions and assistance. They also thank Dr. Larmande, Dr. Leddet, Dr. Glorion, and Dr. Garreau for their medical participation in the study and C. Richard, C. Fillatre, J. Rabant, and F. Etourneau for the psychological assessments of children. Special thanks to G. Calzas, M. Barré, A. Lardeux, and D. Lioret for their technical assistance.