Biotechnology Letters

, Volume 11, Issue 10, pp 735–738

Chitinase production following co-immobilization ofMicromonospora chalcae with chitin in calcium alginate


  • A. O'Riordan
    • Dept. of Biological SciencesDublin City University
  • M. L. McHale
    • Dept. of Biological SciencesDublin City University
  • J. Gallagher
    • Dept. of MicrobiologyTrinity College
  • A. P. McHale
    • Dept. of MicrobiologyTrinity College

DOI: 10.1007/BF01044107

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O'Riordan, A., McHale, M.L., Gallagher, J. et al. Biotechnol Lett (1989) 11: 735. doi:10.1007/BF01044107


The actinomyceteMicromonospora chalcae produces a chitinolytic system following growth on chitin containing medium. When the organism was co-immobilized in calcium alginate, the amount of chitinase produced was 2-fold higher than the levels produced by the free system. When the immobilized organism was used in a batch fed reactor system it was capable of producing much more enzyme than the free system.

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