Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp 915-921

First online:

Coupling between electrolysis and liquid-liquid extraction in an undivided electrochemical reactor: applied to the oxidation of Ce3+ to Ce4+ in an emulsion Part I. Experimental

  • D. HorbezAffiliated withRhône-Poulenc—Centre de Recherches d'Aubervilliers
  • , A. StorckAffiliated withLaboratoire des Sciences du Génie Chimique, CNRS-ENSIC

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The effect ofin situ simultaneous extraction of tetravalent cerium by an organic phase (di-2 ethylhexylphosphoric acid in kerosene) on the performance of an undivided batch electrochemical reactor using the Ce3+/Ce4+ system was investigated. The influence of the most important parameters (initial concentration of Ce3+, composition and volume percentage of the organic phase) were studied experimentally under potentiostatic control of the anode potential. A conversion factor of Ce3+ and extraction factor larger than 90% are obtained for the best operating conditions, but the presence of the organic phase and the necessity of avoiding oxygen gas evolution considerably reduce the operating anodic current densities. The transient cell behaviour and the final “equilibrium” state conditions are found to be in very good qualitative agreement with the conclusions of a preliminary study of the electrochemical kinetics of the Ce3+/Ce4+ system and extraction mechanisms of Ce4+ by the organic phase.