Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 163-169

First online:

Toward a theory of diffraction by the boundary of a highly reflective medium with periodically modulated characteristics

  • A. V. Kats
  • , P. D. Pavitskii
  • , I. S. Spevak

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The problem of diffraction by simultaneously existing surface-profile and impedance gratings in the presence of resonance with a surface electromagnetic wave is examined. The problem is solved in an impedance approximation (Leontovich boundary condition) using Rayleigh's hypothesis. The solution method is based on the distinguishing of resonance fields, for which a finite system of equations is constructed. A proposed regular procedure for exclusion of nonresonance fields makes it possible to obtain a solution with any accuracy for any polarization of the incident radiation and orientation of the gratings. Specific results are given in a principal approximation for the case of several resonances in the first-order spectra.