Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

, Volume 65, Issue 1, pp 43-53

Tropical cyclone composite structure and impacts over eastern Madagascar during January–March 1994

  • M. NaeraaAffiliated withGeography Department, University Copenhangen
  • , M. R. JuryAffiliated withGeography Department, University Zululand

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Three tropical cyclones crossing the east coast of Madagascar in early 1994 are analysed for composite structure using ECMWF data. TCs Daisy, Geralda and Litanne took similar paths and made landfall on 13 January, 2 February and 15 March, respectively. Because of their similarity, and the inability of the model to resolve detailed structure in a poorly observed region, composites are constructed for 3 days before landfall (Cl) and 3 days during landfall (C2). The interaction between the TC and the background circulation forms the focus of the study. Answers are sought for the repeatability of this extreme weather phenomena during the 1994 season.