, Volume 14, Issue 12, pp 1109-1114

cDNA cloning and expression of aTalaromyces emersonii amylase encoding genetic determinant inEscherichia coli

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Intact mRNA has been isolated from the thermophilic fungusTalaromyces emersonii following growth on starch containing media. This has been used as template to synthesise cDNA. The cDNA was cloned into theEscherichia coli expression vector system, pUC18 and this was used to transformE. coli. Transformed colonies were screened for production of amylase activity and a number of positive recombinants were detected. One of those was found to contain a plasmid named pMH1, which harboured a 1.2 kb insert. Sub-cloning experiments verified that the amylase phenotype was encoded for by this fragment. The fragment was characterised using restriction enzyme cleavage site analysis. The origin of the insert was verified using both Northem and Southem blotting hybridisation analysis ofT. emersonii RNA and DNA respectively.