, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 65-70

The radial dependence of the magnetic hyperfine field for Sn atoms in the ferromagnetic Heusler alloys

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The magnetic hyperfine fields,B hf, for impurity119Sn atoms in Z sites of ferromagnetic Heusler alloys Co2MnZ (Z=Si, Ge) are measured by the Mössbauer effect. At 77 KB hf=−1.43±0.04 T in Co2MnSi andB hf=+1.05±0.05 T in Co2MnGe. From the comparison between the values ofB hf for Sn atoms in Co2MnZ (Z=Si, Ge, Sn), it follows that the negative contribution toB hf drops as the interatomic distance begins to increase. This radial dependence also manifests itself in the anomalies of the temperature dependences of the hyperfine fields. The temperature anomaly is positive for Sn in Co2MnGe and negative for Sn in Co2MnSi.