, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 163-168

Construction of a shuttle vector betweenEscherichia coli andZymomonas anaerobia

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A 1.7-kb cryptic plasmid was isolated fromZymomonas anaerobia and used to construct a shuttle vector inserting useful parts of pUC9, pBR322, and pRK2501.Escherichia coli was employed to clone the new plasmid designated pSR12. The 7.7-kb plasmid pSR12 reisolated from the host cells could transform competent cells ofZ.anaerobia at 2×10−7 frequency. This shuttle vector contains two antibiotic resistance markers, Kanr and Tetr, as well as restriction sites such as EcoRI, PstI, and XhoI, suitable for DNA recombinations.