, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 341-352

Family environment and length of recovery for married male members of Gamblers Anonymous and female members of GamAnon

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Family environments of married male members of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and married female members of GamAnon were measured with the Family Environment Scale (FES), a measure of 10 characteristics of family life. The total sample of 86 included 50 male GA and 36 female GamAnon members. GA and GamAnon groups did not differ from each other. However, the short-term GA group reported greater dissatisfaction than controls on five personal growth dimensions. The long-term GA group reported less Conflict than controls. Both short-term and long-term GamAnon groups reported less satisfaction than normal controls on personal growth dimensions. A composite measure of social support demonstrated improvement with duration of abstinence for gamblers but not for spouses. Results suggest improvement in family environment for male pathological gamblers with length of gambling abstinence but less improvement for wives.

The authors wish to thank Mr. Les Franklin for assistance with data coding.