, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp 2131-2141

1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol), a mosquito feeding and ovipositional repellent from volatile oil ofHemizonia fitchii (Asteraceae)

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The mosquito feeding and ovipositional repellency of the major monoterpenoid present in the volatile oil ofHemizonia fitchii (Asteraceae), i.e., 1,8-cineole, was investigated. Although 1,8-cineole did not exhibit any significant mosquito larvicidal activity, it was moderately effective as a feeding repellent and highly effective as an ovipositional repellent against adultAedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito). The ovipositional repellency of 1,8-cineole, coupled with the presence of severalHemizonia chromenes previously shown to possess mosquito larvicidal activity, may therefore account in large part for the observed suppression of local mosquito populations which was associated withH. fitchii plants in northern California.