On the electromagnetic dyadic Green's functions for planar multi-layered anistropic uniaxial material media

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A complete, plane-wave spectral, vector-wave function expansion of the electromagnetic, electric, and magnetic, dyadic Green's function for electric, as well as magnetic, point currents for a planar, anisotropic uniaxial multi-layered medium is presented. It is given in terms ofz-propagating, source-free vector-wave functions, where ž is normal to the interfaces, and it is developed via a utilization of the Lorentz reciprocity theorem. The electromagnetic dyadic Green's function for periodic electric as well as magnetic point current sources is also presented. Some salient features of the Green's dyadics, along with a physical interpretation are also described.

This work was supported by the IIarry Diamond Laboratories under Contract DAAL02-88-C-0065 with Sabbagh Associates, Inc.