Plant Systematics and Evolution

, Volume 153, Issue 1, pp 77-105

First online:

Taxonomical significance of the leaf indument inDryopteris (Pteridophyta): I. Some North American, Macaronesian and European taxa

  • Ronald L. L. VianeAffiliated withLeerstoel voor Morfologie, Systematiek en Ecologie der Planten, Rijksuniversiteit Gent

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The leaf indument of a number of North American, Macaronesian and EuropeanDryopteris taxa is described. Trichome characters provide very useful taxonomical data for the study of species complexes and for tracing relationships among geographically isolated or separated taxa. The new combination,D. expansa var.alpina, is made. The present study sustains best theWagnerD. semicristata” relationship scheme.

Key words

Pteridophyta Dryopteris Indument uniseriate hairs glands polyploidy reticulate evolution micromorphology