Journal of Chemical Ecology

, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 475-482

First online:

Three highly odorous metabolites from an actinomycete: 2-Isopropyl-3-methoxy-pyrazine, methylisoborneol, and geosmin

  • Nancy N. GerberAffiliated withWaksman Institute of Microbiology Rutgers UniversityThe State University of New Jersey

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The highly odorous metabolites isopropylmethoxypyrazine, methylisoborneol, and geosmin were identified from aStreptomyces sp. Their role in the odor pollution of water is discussed. 2-Isopropyl-3-methoxypyrazine has not been reported previously from actinomycetes.

Key words

Actinomycete Streptomyces 2-isopropyl-3-methoxy-pyrazine methylisoborneol geosmin actinomycete odor metabolite odor