, Volume 214, Issue 1-4, pp 103-130

Collapse of species boundaries in the wild potatoSolanum brevicaule complex (Solanaceae, S. sect.Petota): Molecular data

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TheSolanum brevicaule complex is a group of morphologically very similar wild and cultivated potato taxa (Solanum sect.Petota). This study uses single to low-copy nuclear RFLPs and RAPDs to investigate their species boundaries and relationships. Cladistic analyses of both data sets are largely concordant with each other and with a recently published phenetic analyses of the same accessions using morphology. All three data sets separate members of the complex into populations from Peru and immediately adjacent northwestern Bolivia, including most cultivated species accessions, and populations from northwestern Bolivia to Argentina. The molecular results suggest that the complex is paraphyletic as currently circumscribed. Many species of theS. brevicaule complex should be relegated to synonymy.