, Volume 220, Issue 1-2, pp 21-36

The phylogenetic position of the endemic flat-needle pinePinus krempfii (Pinaceae) from Vietnam, based on PCR-RFLP analysis of chloroplast DNA

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Pinus krempfii is morphologically very unique as compared to otherPinus species by having flat leaf-like needles. Its taxonomic position has been problematic ever since its discovery. In this study, an attempt was made to infer the taxonomic status ofP. krempfii through restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 12 PCR amplified chloroplast (cp) DNA regions. Phylogenetic analysis was conducted using 10 representatives of the twoPinus subgenera:Strobus andPinus. In addition, to infer the position ofP. krempfii in Pinaceae in relation with other genera, 14 representatives of eight additional genera were included in the analysis. Our cpDNA-based results indicate that: 1)P. krempfii clearly belongs to the genusPinus. This result does not favour the creation of a new genusDucampopinus in Pinaceae for this taxon. 2) Within the genusPinus, P. krempfii is more allied with species in subgenusStrobus and differs distinctly from species in subgenusPinus. 3) Despite the similarity in certain morphological and anatomical leaf and wood characters toKeteleeria andPseudolarix, the cpDNA data do not support the hypothesis for close relationship betweenP. krempfii and these two genera.