, Volume 223, Issue 1-2, pp 71-79

Cytological characterization of heterochromatin and rDNA inPinus radiata andP. taeda

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Fluorochrome C-banding ofPinus radiata andP. taeda metaphase chromosomes showed many pericentromeric DAPI bands and interstitial CMA bands inP. radiata, and centromeric and interstitial CMA bands inP. taeda. Giemsa C-band patterns differed between the species with centromeric bands inP. radiata but no consistent bands inP. taeda. A karyotype ofP. radiata was developed based on banding patterns that distinguished all but two of the 12 pairs of chromosomes. In situ hybridization (ISH) using probes for high-copy ribosomal DNA (rDNA) showed 10 pairs of 18S–25S sites and two pairs of 5S sites in both species. Most of the sites were interstitial or centromeric.