, Volume 209, Issue 3-4, pp 265-274

Phylogeny inLabiatae s. l., inferred from cpDNA sequences

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Sequences ofrbcL andndhF were analysed independently and in combination to resolve phylogenetic relationships inLabiatae s. l. Monophyly ofLabiatae s. l was supported by all three analyses.Congea tomentosa (Symphoremataceae) is nested withinLabiatae s. l. in therbcL analysis, but emerges as the sister group ofLabiatae s. l. in thendhF and combined analyses. Four noteworthy clades ofLabiate s. l. also are supported by all analyses corresponding to subfamiliesNepetoideae, Lamioideae, Pogostemonoideae andScutellarioideae. Monophyly of subfamiliesChloanthoideae andViticoideae is not supported. A clade comprisingTeucrioideae plusAjuga is supported byndhF and the combined analysis.